Wiconi Wakan Health and Healing Center has existed in several different iterations on Rosebud over the past decade to address high rates of suicide and suicide ideation. In early 2019, several tribal health leaders convened to write a grant to fund a version of WWHHC that focuses on providing community-based screening, crisis intervention, and postvention services for relatives struggling with suicide ideation or healing from a loved one’s suicide. 



Our QPR-certified staff can facilitate trainings on suicide prevention to any school, organization, or community, or present a customized training to meet your needs. 


We offer community-level screenings to asses a relative's suicide risk and connect them to services and programs to aid their path towards healing.

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Our mental health specialists provide therapeutic services to individuals, families, or groups. We can meet with you in our office or travel to a location convenient to you.


We can provide direct support and followup care to anybody who ends up in the emergency room from a suicide attempt and requests us. We partner with the relative and their family to connect them with behavioral health and spiritual resources that will support their path to healing.


We have a care team that offers mental and spiritual support to our families who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you funded?

Rosebud Sioux Tribe's Health Administration was a fortunate recipient of SAMHSA's Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grant, which will fund our operations for five years as we establish multiple revenue streams.

Are you the same Wiconi Wakan that has existed in the past?

While we have the same name, logo, and phone number as previous iterations of Wiconi Wakan Health and Healing Center, our focus for this grant cycle is on crisis intervention and postvention services, rather and prevention. We have a completely new staff, vision and mission statement, office space, and grant objectives.

Do you provide services to all relatives?

While our grant objectives focus on providing services to youth and veterans, we would be honored to connect with any relative who is looking for support for themselves or a loved one. 

What steps should I take to receive services?

Connect with us! When you call, email, or visit with us, we'll schedule you with a staff member to go through the screening and onboarding process with you to determine how we can best support you. We also take referrals from schools and tribal programs.

I'm currently in an emergency crisis/a loved one is in a crisis. Can you help?

While we're able to connect people quickly with a mental health specialist and wraparound support, we are not an emergency service, and urge people in immediate crisis to connect with Rosebud Dispatch (911 or 605-856-2365) or visit the emergency room at IHS. 

Is everything I tell a staff member confidential?

To the extent that federal law allows us, yes. As mandatory reporters, we are obligated to disclose any case of suspected child or elder abuse. We also are required to disclose information is somebody shows imminent risk of harming themselves or another person. All exceptions to confidentiality will be explained during the onboarding process. If you have any specific questions, please contact us!